Unreal Tournament and an Unreal Wait

Sadly, as reported by Variety Unreal Tournament while not dead isn’t being actively worked on or developed and hasn’t received an update since 2017. The cause is understandable considering they are using those people and resources to produce Fortnight which is a cash cow for Epic Games but many fans are quite obviously feeling betrayed and let down. Unreal Tournament has had a large and loyally following for decades and is now being tossed aside.

That being said, how can anyone be surprised? Love it or hate it Fortnight has become bigger than anyone has ever dreamed and has struck a cord even outside of gaming itself with many rappers and athletes joining streams to play it, so how could they not focus on it? This understanding, however, doesn’t make it any less frustrating for many sadly. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory,


Author: Savior699

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