The 7th Guest: The Board Game

The 7th Guest was a PC game originally released back in 1993, which you can still purchase over on Steam believe it or not. It has some mixed reviews but overall it seems solid enough and tells the story of, quite simply a mansion full of puzzles and toys. You will attempt to spend one full night there and the winner gets their hearts most secret desire. Their Kickstarter page has a ton more info.

This is where the board game comes in. It is for 2-6 players (ages 12 and up) and can take one to 5 hours depending on the rules you play with. This seems pretty cool because sometimes honestly I am playing with my friends while having a few drinks and we just want something to do while having fun. We want something to do for 4 or 5 hours. Other times I am playing with my kids and they do not always have a huge attention span so 1 or 2 hours is great.

The game itself is largely puzzles and logic test for you to solve to advance which the other players can steal ( and you can steal theirs) This all sounds pretty simple but of course, nothing in life is. There seems to be some twist and turns such as spaces that will toss you someplace else or force you to unlock extra rooms on your way to the exit.

A good sign in all this is the game is actually being created by people like Rob Landeros and Charlie McHenry, the people that founded Trilobyte games and created the original game, so if you happen to be a fan of the game and are worried this will deviate too far from your beloved 90’s memory I don’t see that being an issue. They even started to design the game from the ground up around the original map of the PC title. I have spoken to them and it looks like the game will be shipping in January so as you can see I am finding out about this a bit late. Savior Gaming doesn’t even normally cover board games, but this one just seemed pretty cool and I decided to share it with you guys. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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4 thoughts on “The 7th Guest: The Board Game”

    1. You aren’t the first person surprised by this. Seems like a lot of people are excited by this but never found out. I only heard about it because they randomly followed me on Twitter a few days ago lol


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