Magic The Gathering Arena

I have a small history with Magic the Gathering. I played quite a bit when I was younger with friends, and by younger, I mean like 20 years ago. So yes, we are going back away. Then I saw a commercial for this and thought why not check it out.

Graphically it is pretty nice, each card is nicely crafted and it is clearly established what each one does which has been a problem in a few card games I have played in digital format. Many times the print is too small and you end up guessing what to do with it.

Another nice thing is the tutorials explain very clearly what you should be doing and what the rules to Magic are in the first place. The game is easy to play and understand in this format and it is quite nice. Tho I will admit it doesn’t really feel the same as holding a deck in your hands and talking to your opponent face it face and sadly this cannot be replicated. Fans of Magic, however, looking for a fix would probably enjoy it and I think those looking to learn would get a pretty good grasp of it, but it is far from perfect. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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