Elite Dangerous, Distant Worlds 2. Should Savior Make The Trip?

The question seems simple, but the trip and expedition will require some explanation. See Elite Dangerous works off its own time, currently, it is 3303 (tomorrow will be 3304) and back in 3302 there was a place someone went to on the far side of the life-sized galaxy. In fact, it is so big most of it has never been seen. Well someone went to a place that is now known as Beagle Point and back in 3302 a huge group of people went there.

On January 13th, a new group that is over 4000 people will go again. over 65 thousand light years and 20 weeks of travel will end on the far side of the galaxy. There is more info here but really the question is, would any of you be interested in me making the trip? They have various roles to fill and I could sign up as a member of the media to write about and chronicle the entire trip. Obviously, I would take pictures and update you guys weekly on the progress me and others have mad, but I don’t want to invest the time if there is no interest so please, let me know what you think and my the gaming gods bring you glory. I have also included some pics from my previous travels for you guys to get some examples of what I would be sharing.

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