The Chronicles Of Quiver Dick

So I follow a guy on Twitter named CrankageGames that makes some games and post some funny stuff. So I figured he is a good guy and I would buy one to check out and this name caught my attention. The Chronicles Of Quiver Dick so, I headed over to Steam and picked it up.

A few things people should know going in, the game is relatively short. Considering the game cost $2.99 if you were expecting a 30-hour adventure you had expectations that were far too high. Another thing is the game is made with RPG Maker, MV if I am correct. I use the program myself but to nowhere near as much skill. That is the main point here, RPG Maker games get a bad rep for being horrible games which is kind of fair, for every good one out there, there are some that seem like broken cash grabs. This is not the case here. Much of the assets used and music used are not stock RPG maker. The characters are crafted not lazily thrown together.

All of that means nothing if the story isn’t well written or good. Well assuming you don’t mind dick jokes and profanity, you are in for a good time. The story is a parody of How I Met Your Mother, but Old man Dick and Young man Dick will spend plenty of time talking to each other, in fact, their banter may be the best part of the game. I won’t go into any more detail because I don’t want to spoil the story or best parts but about 10 minutes into the game I had decided it was already worth the 3 bucks I spent on it.

The combat is also nice. Simple turn-based battles. There are no random encounters to try to pump up the amount of time you are playing, simply characters you fight at specific spots most of which are challenging but fair. Even here tho there is plenty of humor to be found.

At the end of the day this game is entertaining and funny, from start to finish the key goal was obviously to make the player laugh, and it succeeds nicely with plenty of pop culture reference and even some of the Patreon members seem to have gotten a shout out in game. This one should not be missed, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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