Pokemon: I Choose You (2017)

Pokemon I Choose you is a retelling and reimagining of sorts of the beginning of Ash’s journey. Brock and Misty don’t even appear in the movie, Pokemon up to Sun and Moon appear and we will see a sped up version of season one up until Ash gets his third gym badge.

Before the opening credits, we get to the point where Ash is attacked by Spearow and they see Ho-Oh. The opening song plays, we see Ash catch Caterpie then the movie starts. It won’t be long before Ash hears a rumor about a wild Entei and he runs off to catch it. After running into Verity and her Piplup they fail to catch Entei. This is around the time they scare an Onyx and retreat and eventually run into Ash’s Charmander that was abandoned by Cross and with the help of Sorrel and Lucario they save Charmander.

This is where things speed up more and we learn about Ho-Oh and some battles later Charmander evolves. In fact, by the end of the movie, it will fully evolve into Charizard to battle Cross as they attempt to meet Ho-Oh.

The movie has pretty mixed reviews from fans but critics as a whole weren’t fans. The movie was solid enough to me for what it was but honestly, I don’t understand why it needed to exist outside of simply being made to make some money. It isn’t a bad movie exactly, it just isn’t good or even necessary. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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