Why A 2019 Final Fantasy 7 Remake Would Be Too Little Too Late For Me

First, let me make this clear, I don’t hate Final Fantasy 7. I actually beat the original U.S. release about 3 days before it came out when a friend of my brothers broke street date and gave it to me the day they got the game in and instantly restarted it. I bought it again for PC and beat that in an age when you still bought games on disk, then bout it again on PS4 and platinumed it. This is not a post about how I hate the game. This is also not a post about how I am a purist that is mad about all the stuff they are supposedly changing. The game is a remake, not a remaster. Stuff is going to change.

All that said, the game was originally announced in 2015 which even the director Tetsuya Nomura admits to being too early at this point. That is 4 years ago with almost no real information given. The actual only truly notable update from the company itself in recent memory was that it moved from an outsourced company to in-house. Even the 2019 part is pure speculation based off reports that Square Enix is expecting a large source of revenue for the end of the year hinting at a huge release.

So why is it too late? Honestly, it is because I can’t care. I can get past the fact that they will undoubtedly change many of my favorite aspects of one of my favorite games or the fact that the game will apparently be episodic the same way Final Fantasy 13 was and I will end up buying multiple games to play a single game I played years ago in what will probably be an attempt at a massive cash grab. I am however open to the idea that they will be simply combining all the FF7 games into one and that is why it will be so long, but even that will be kind of weird depending on how it is done honestly.

Combining that with what has already been a pretty substantial wait and I truthfully just can’t care or be excited anymore. This is after the roughly six-year wait after Kingdom Hearts 3 was first announced and waiting so long for Final Fantasy 13 Versus it became Final Fantasy 15, none of which were worth the wait if we are being 100% honest. Not to say they weren’t great games in their own right, but after that kind of wait they could have been better and should have been. So no, for me even if Final Fantasy 7 Remake comes this year, it will be far too little and far too late. I’ll buy it eventually I am sure, but they can wait. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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