Green Room

green room

Starting this review, R.I.P Anton Yelchin, you were taken too soon. A huge reason I watched this movie was for Yelchin and Patrick Stewart, and frankly I had never seen Stewart play a bad guy before. This was a pretty WTF place for me to start…

We begin with a starving punk band, living gig to gig out of there van and mostly siphoning gas to get from place to place. After they get screwed on a gig they traveled almost 100 miles out of there way for, they are made an offer to play at a real seedy club in the middle of nowhere. The dude tells them the gig is solid but the people are pretty extreme- it turns out they are Neo- Nazis. They are rushed on stage and rushed out the door, but Pat, the quiet man of the group doubles back to there dressing room for a phone and sees the band they opened for have killed someone. Things descend into utter madness as they are held hostage by the club’s mannered but sinister owner and his group of followers…

I was fairly surprised by this movie. For the squeamish, I warn you right now to steer clear of this movie because there’s a few scenes that will push you. I really like the story and how the loud, thrashing punk music is fused with the score and story. The acting is really good all around and the movie is filmed beautifully. It’s a slow movie that builds but a couple times I feel it goes slower than it had to, mostly in the second act. Green Room is a good thriller with some pretty kick-ass scenes and a cool soundtrack and I think it deserves a watch, especially if you want a good, tense, slow build. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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