Our Idiot Brother (2011)

This movie was odd. See Ned is an idiot. Seriously he sells weed to a uniformed cop. You may say hey Savior, be cool to the guy with a mental handicap but no, he doesn’t have one. The guy is just an idiot and believes the best in everyone. So when the cop just says hey it has been a rough week he believes him and ends up in jail.

This will send him to jail for a few months and eventually parole and living with his mom, then he will bounce around with his sisters while he systematically messes up their lives while he tries to collect money doing odd jobs so he can rent out an old goat shed on a farm where his ex-girlfriend lives, basically so he can get his dog, Willie Nelson, back.

The movie filled an odd niche for me, it was an ice family drama but at the same time had some funny moments. I am also a pretty big fan of Paul Rudd and Elizabeth Banks so that helps. I wouldn’t by any means call this a great movie. There was quite a bit of downtime for example. It wasn’t wasted time tho, the movie tells a good story and I never felt like I was waiting for things to happen even when it was slow. For fans of that style of movie, this one is a good one, even a joy to watch. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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