Scream 2

scream 2

After surviving Scream , Sidney Prescott needed to get away from her hometown after discovering she pegged the wrong guy for her mom’s murder and it was her disgruntled boyfriend and there twisted friend who did the deed and killed there friends. Sid and Randy went to college, where they made new friends and tried to get on with there lives, Sid even falling with a kind hearted med student. Dewey and Gale are at ends when Gale writes a book on the murders , painting a less than heroic picture of Dewey. If the book Gale wrote wasn’t enough, a major movie adaptation was made and here is where the terror restarts- two people are slayed at the opening weekend in a ghost mask. The bodies start dropping as the new killer starts trying to make a real life sequel and the new search begins for the killers…

As far as sequels go, especially horror sequels, Scream 2 is pretty good. The returning characters are still likable and they keep you invested through not only the series but the this movie in particular. This time, the killers are a little more predictable to figure out but there is a good twist with the main killer of the two. The movie is filmed and scored well with good pacing. Overall it’s a good sequel and a fair horror movie from Wes Craven and worth a watch. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


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