Imperator Rome (Preview)

Imperator Rome is the newest grand strategy game from Paradox Interactive, the people that made Victoria 2 (PC) and Stellaris Console Edition (PS4). Due to release April 25th (Yes tomorrow) this time the fine people over at paradox bring us all the way back to the classical era and the founding of the Roman Empire. It has many of the same characteristics of the others, a massive map you will spend most of your time looking at and a ton of menus but they all look much more crisp and clean.  They also gave out copies very early for people on youtube so you know exactly what you are buying (I will share a couple videos below) which I love. Nothing beats a company that is upfront and confident in their product. They are hiding absolutely nothing about this which I appreciate.

If you like grand strategy games, this one is worth looking at but if you haven’t played one before I have to be honest, be careful. They have a huge learning curve. They can be frustrating and hard to learn but once you do you will wonder why you struggled. Best wishes, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

This one is a bit long but gives a good idea of what you are buying and how to play.

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