Golf Clash (Mobile)

Golf Clash is one of those games I saw and gave a shot because it seemed really simple and quick to play and honestly it truly is. Just pull back for power, wait for the slider to be in the sweet spot and let go and boom. The ball goes flying down the course. Winning games will give you coins and occasionally a chest that takes a bit of time to open. The chest may give you coins or points towards clubs. These clubs will let you upgrade the corresponding club to increase your performance. And here is where my issue comes in, it basically becomes pay to win at that point at least later. Getting enough coins to upgrade clubs takes forever if you aren’t willing to pay real money, and you have little hope of beating people that have. Skill will only take you so far honestly. It is a fun and simple game, just be aware that occasionally at hire levels winning isn’t something you can probably so without some cash. Best wishes and may thee gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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