Fishing Paradiso

Fishing Paradiso is a mobile game that is pretty simple and straight forward, tho a bit odd in terms of story. You play as what appears to be a child,who is dead and in Heaven. A huge star looking whale tells you he wants to see you again, but you have to reach him at a higher place in heaven, which seems to be in space.

You awaken on an island with a bird pecking at you to get you moving. He explains that fishing in heaven isn’t quite the same. Fish in heaven are special and as such is treated differently in heaven.

The mechanics are simple, and bait recharges over time or you can pay real money to get infinite bait. Admittedly doing sill will make the game go real quick I am sure as most of what slowed me down was waiting for bait to recharge in the first place. It is pretty fun as far as mobile games go and it is a nice way to waste a fee minutes at a time, but don’t spend any real money on it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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