Tony Hawk’s Underground

th underground

I’m not a sports fan by any means but damn I love the old school Tony Hawk games, my favorite being the first Underground. You create your own skater and custom board and go from random skate punk in Jersey to superstar while dueling your rival Eric for the spot as pro spanning throughout the US and even going into Moscow on a fun as hell adventure. I had a blast being a skate punk, causing havoc and doing tricks. The skating is top notch and controls great better than the games that would come console generations later. I love the huge selection of licensed music at your disposal and the varied locations you can travel to, including a KISS concert as a bonus level with none other than Marvel’s Invincible Iron Man as a unlockable character. The most memorable moment I can recall is doing the 360 McTwist off a skyscraper over a helicopter. This game gave me a lot of awesome ideas growing up that went into my book throughout the years. I highly recommend this game. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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