I was so hyped for this movie with an awesome premise, what if Superman was a horror icon instead of a superhero. During Black Friday I went nuts admittedly catching up on all that I missed in movies, one of which being this. Did it live up to my hype but the hype of so many others?

Tory and Kyle Breyer are good folks living in the small town of Brightburn Kansas who wanted nothing more than a child to love. They get there wish in a startling event when a ship crashes in there front yard, giving them there son Brandon. For the first twelve years of his life, Brandon Breyer is a sweet kid until he hears a voice calling out to him from the barn. Not long after he begins discovering marvelous but terrible things about himself and how powerful he truly is. How far will Tory and Kyle go before they see there son maybe wasn’t such a gift from above?

If you saw the trailers and thought this was going to be a horror twist on Man of Steel than I’d say you are kinda right. I do love the concept and the actors do give the movie there all. Brandon Breyer is a cool horror icon who feels unique but also pays tribute to Superman a lot too and there are some messy kills to make him a badass. My biggest issue is the pacing. This movie feels destined to be a full fledged two and a half hours but it’s only 90 minutes. I feel like more could’ve been explained and things like his change happen too suddenly or where the design of his mask came from. It does have a nice after credit scene that gives us a window into a sequel but I hope next time it’s more explained. In the end, while not a mega hit, Brightburn is a fine horror movie and worth checking out. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


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