A Bug’s Life

a bug's life

The older I get, the more I think about the ants and the grasshoppers and weirdly enough the movie wasn’t far enough from the truth if you are a normal worker at your job…oh well, enough of the philosophical crap and let’s talk about a Disney/ Pixar movie.

It’s a time of harvest for the ants, who are overseen by the large, menacing grasshopper gang. Flick is a plucky ant who likes to invent things, but the problem is Flick is kind of a screw up. One of his inventions goes awry and causes the whole summer’s harvest to get destroyed minutes before the grasshoppers show up. The leader of the grasshoppers, Hopper, tells the soon to be queen, Princess Ata that they want twice the food by time the last leaf falls or else. Flick, is allowed to go find heroes to fight the grasshoppers with the intention of getting rid of him; Flick does find a group of disgraced circus bugs he mistakes for heroes and who are willing to pretend to keep morale up for the ants. Can Flick’s plans work or are the ants doomed?

A Bug’s Life is one of those kid’s movies that is all around enjoyable. The animation holds up pretty well and Pixar tells a pretty heartwarming story as they usually do. Kevin Spacey has some menacing moments as Hopper. The movie has a solid story and good, likable characters with a pretty satisfying ending. It’s a movie I enjoyed as much as an adult as I did as a kid and it’s well worth a watch. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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