The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Man of Medan

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The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope reveal trailer genuinely sparked my interest and I have to admit, Until Dawn is one of my favorite horror games in recent years so I had high hopes that Supermassive games would deliver another awesome horror gem. Can lightning strike twice?

Four friends charter a boat captained by Fliss and venture off into the seas in search for a uncharted shipwreck. During the night they are captured by a group of pirates. During a botched escape attempt, their ship uncovers the remnants of a WW2 freighter that supposedly contains gold, or something much darker in it’s rusted halls…

So to answer my query, no lightning sure as hell didn’t strike twice here. What really killed this game is how fast this game ended, completing it in about 4 hours to an abrupt ending. The characters are fine but I only really cared about 2 of the 5 main characters and I wasn’t really into the pirates, who are basically generic bad guys. The scares are really hit and miss but admittedly, like much of the game, it feels lifted from Until Dawn. The score and atmosphere was nice as were the graphics but the facial animations bothered me and there were some frame rate drops. In the end, Man of Medan is a meh experience I’d think about at discount price. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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