HammerHelm Receives Massive Update in Steam Early Access


So I got an email from my friends over at Soedesco and they said hey Savior, well they used my real name, but anyway they said check this out. Our game HammerHelm got a massive update over on Steam’s early access. If you don’t mind we would love for you to have a look and maybe pass it along.

Now full disclosure, I have NOT played this game. They have not offered me a copy nor have I asked for one. I just watched the trailer and some gameplay and thought this is something you guys may like to check out. It has been out a bit and has 83% from 118 reviews on Steam which is a very positive rating. The general gameplay is simply built a town, which used to be 30 buildings and is now 45, and has over 100 items to craft. These are things like Birch and Cherry blossom trees and other things to just make your town look better.

They have also Increased the area you can build your town quite a lot, not that it looked small before but now it seems to be quite significant in size. You will need to keep your citizens happy, as you lead the dwarfs of HammerHelm in their dream to live above ground. That doesn’t mean you won’t be going underground and fighting monsters tho, as that will be a must as you finish an assortment of quest in action-based combat. This is one you guys definitely want to check out and enjoy the screenshots below. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.



Author: Savior699

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