I, Robot

I robot

I’ll be the first to say I don’t trust machines: Terminator, Ultron, the Working Joes, the Geth, etc. We give machines an obscene amount of control over our lives, and with there capabilities growing and growing, it’s a matter of time before we are castaway like we do the outdated technology we accrue. So, enough of the philosophical and let’s talk about a Will Smith movie.

Del Spooner is a detective in future Chicago where robots live among us, serving and protecting us but never harming us due to the 3 laws governing over them. Spooner doesn’t buy it and hates them. When one of the premiere scientists of U.S Robotics is found dead, Spooner is on the case. The evidence points to a new kind of robot, one with emotions and humanity to it, uninhibited by the 3 rules. Sonny, this special machine, is the culprit but Spooner begins finding a deeper plot as the machines start turning, but no one believes him…

I found myself thinking it was going to be a fluffy action movie but I was genuinely surprised how many questions it asks and how much I got involved in it. The cast is really good but Alan Tudyk steals the show as Sonny, giving a memorable performance as a machine discovering humanity.There is a good mix of high concept sci-fi and action with good effects that have aged but not poorly as to significantly hurt the movie. What I was surprised about were the badass fights and the couple of times I felt the feels hardcore. The pacing of the movie is pretty quick so it’s a easy watch. In the end, I, Robot is a fun watch that is pretty deep and heartfelt that I highly recommend. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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Writer of the strange and everything; lover of horror, literature, comics, and the alien is my spirit animal

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