Bulletstorm (Full Clip Edition)


I have a soft spot in my heart for cult movies, books, and such. This game has a devote cult following that are still patiently waiting for the promised sequel the end credits teases much like the huge wait for Darksiders 3 and Borderlands 3  , which by the way, this game came out after the Gearbox bestseller Borderlands but followed the horrendous Duke Nukem Forever and in a lot of ways feels like a breeding of the two…

Grayson and Ishi were Confederate soldiers under the tyrannical madman General Serrano in his elite Dead Echo company. After discovering they were killing innocent people, Dead Echo became space pirates and Gray became a wicked drunk. During an attack, his crew is killed, Ishi is left needing cybernetics to survive, and they are stranded on a resort planet where all hell has broken loose. Allied with a vengeful woman named Trishka, the trio must survive the planet and get revenge on the general.

So I gotta say, I understand where the cult following for this game comes from. At it’s core, it’s at least its a solid FPS with some cool weapons and a laser leash. I’m going to say the game is lackluster and pissed me off multiple times. The story is full of unlikable characters that have senseless filthy potty mouths that just get annoying really quick. Gameplay gets old quick as after awhile you go into a shooting gallery and the occasional QTE section which usually are pointless in the long run. Using the environment for skill shots in conjunction with the leash is fun but even that get old fairly quick as well. The story is short and not really that memorable and fairly generic. I will say the graphics and sound are great for the Full Clip edition and you get all the DLC but I didn’t really have any gumption to check it out and even the graphics are buggy at times. In the end, I personally don’t like the game and can’t really recommend it. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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