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So Little Things is the newest WB movie that’s in theaters and also HBO much like Wonder Woman: 1984 . All star cast of talented actors doing what appears to be a gritty crime drama, what can go wrong?

Joe Deacon was a great homicide decade who sacrificed everything for a case he could never solve, his health, his marriage, and many say his sanity. Years later the killer that stumped him is seemingly at large. Now a deputy, he finds himself tossed into the case with hotshot, superstar detective Jim Baxter. It isn’t long before they seemingly find the killer, but he always appears to be one step ahead.

Ok. This wasn’t a easy movie to get through. We have a cast of talented actors and I can’t really blame them for this movie because they were just doing as they were directed. The opening is the peak of the excitement and after a lot of staking out and no answers and nothing resolved, I couldn’t help but feel like I wasted a lot of time. Jared Leto is unintentionally hilarious as the villain of the film and admittedly I laughed a few times during the climax. The pacing drags and the score doesn’t fit most of the time. The cinematography is alright but nothing special. In the end, this is a movie worth skipping because their are a lot more movies that have done this premise better. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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