JoJo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit (2019) - IMDb

I never thought a movie like this would hit the mainstream but it did. Every trailer promised a whacky, feel good comedy where a cute little Nazi youth befriends a goofy imaginary Adolf Hitler. I’m proud to say I finally got to see this movie and I applaud Taika Waititi and the whole crew for making this, not just because it was a great movie, but because it took a lot of balls to make it.

JoJo is about to experience the greatest day of his young life when he joins a camp for the Hitler Youth, encouraged by his best, imaginary friend, Hitler himself. After several humiliations and a grenade throwing incident gone wrong, JoJo is left heartbroken and scarred when he’s demoted from the Hitler Youth. If that wasn’t enough, he discovers his mother’s secret, embedding a young Jewish girl in there walls. It’s up to young JoJo to decide right from wrong as he questions his hero and his heart and discover who he really is…

Watching the trailers, this is everything you expected and a lot more. The cast is fantastic and I have to give Roman Griffin Davis huge props as JoJo; I can’t wait to see what he does in the future. This movie balances absurd comedy, coming of age story, and some really dark things extremely well. The soundtrack and cinematography are outstanding. I give bonus credit may I add for my favorite PG-13 F bomb ever ( if you saw the end, you know what I mean). In the end, I absolutely recommend JoJo Rabbit as something funny, beautiful, and unique which is the highest compliment I can give. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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