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Miles beneath the ocean, all hell has broken loose on a mining station when unexpectedly is damaged. Within minutes, dozens die, the structure is compromised, and survival seems hopeless for the small group of survivors left alive. But they aren’t alone as they discover something undiscovered that leads to the horror there operation has awakened, but will the vengeful species let them leave?

I was actually pretty hyped for this movie, growing up with Leviathan as a kid, I saw this as a potential spiritual successor as well as Alien and The Descent just underwater. Well, it is basically all those this. First of all, I have to say the opening is strong as hell. The cast looks genuinely looks shit scared and frazzled as all hell breaks loose. There are some good, tense scenes and you do feel the pressure of the situation and the isolation of being in the blackest parts of the ocean alone with creatures you never get to see that great or know much about. The movie is far from perfect I will say. The pacing is too quick and honestly you don’t get much of a attachment to any of the characters as well as not knowing anything about the facility, the monsters, or the evil company’s intentions. Speaking of characters, Kristen Stewart sinks the second half of this movie with her deadpan reactions to some really alarming shit and a really lethargic one linear at the end that just sounds lame. In the end, it’s a movie worth seeing once but if you miss it, it won’t break your heart. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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