Royal Frontier Xbox Series S Review

As always with these things I like to give a huge thanks to Ratalaika Games games first for tossing me a copy of this one to check out. It isn’t often I play a roguelike but when I do they are usually a blast, and a truly turn-based one is a rare treat.

The game starts off explaining that you are tasked with guiding a caravan from one place to another, a new town being set up. There isn’t too much of a story here. Just a barebones to get you moving and it serves that purpose very well.

The combat also is about as basic as it gets, your team of thee characters will take its turn then the enemy will. You start with the typical knight, priest, wizard type but you unlock three more as you go on. The battles are quick but do have a bit of strategy involved. If you go all out with your spells you will quickly find yourself out of mana for future battles, however, if you don’t fight hard enough there won’t be future battles.

Bears can be particularly rough

The game map itself lets you take one of three paths that you can occasionally switch from one to another. There are various possibilities that can happen from a standard battle to a midlevel boss or random events or even a small town you can choose to recover your mana or hitpoints. At the end of each stage is a boss battle to move on to the next.

There are very few things about this game I don’t enjoy, and the things that do bother me I can not in good conscience complain about at this game’s price point of about $7. It is a little short consisting of only three levels and there are only six characters. There are however an abundance of unlockables to help make each run easier and it will take multiple runs to unlock them all. Fans of turn-based RPGs and roguelikes should definitely pick this one up. I will give this one a 9/10 while pointing out that this is a low-budget game designed for quick fun for a certain demographic, and it nails that exactly.

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