Cursed Golf PS5 review

As always I would like to thank the people over at Plan of Attack for hooking me up with a review copy of this one.

Cursed Golf is as the name implies, a golf game. You will start out learning how to play during a golf tournament where your character is attempting to prove he is the best there ever was. A lightning storm takes care of that possibility however.

After this untimely death, our golfer finds himself in purgatory. This is where golfers go and play golf until they can win 18 holes and return to the world of the living. Admittedly I Couldn’t do it,my golfer is still in purgatory.

The story is simple just like the graphics, which work just fine for what the game is. The game is first and foremost a rogue like. A very frustrating one at times. You must beat 18 holes in one go, these holes will change each time you try.

There are also an assortment of bosses to play against every few holes that are broken up by assorted other spots such as treasure or cards that can be used for bonuses. These bonuses can include anything from splitting the ball into multiple and choosing which one you will keep playing with. Other abilities include making the ball change directions, not bounce at all etc

This game can be hard though and very unforgiving. A few reviewers made it to the last stage and lost and had to start all over again. I never made it that far however. I don’t admit this lightly, I greatly enjoyed the game and still do.

In fact I will even give you my score now, 8/10 highly recommend it. The game is fantastic the graphics are cute and serve their purpose very well. At the price this game is sold for,it can’t be beat. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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