South Park, The Stick Of Truth

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South Park, The Stick Of truth, what can I say. My expectations on a South Park RPG were very very low. I was expecting a half assed story, a crumby battle system and some cheap laughs. What I got was a fun story of kids in the neighborhood LARPing with multiple groups spanning the entire town with a few of the adults even playing along.

The battle system itself while simplistic, involves various button actions to do moves and increase damage. There are  few different classes to choose from as well as different story paths to take meaning there is some good replay value there for those that care to explore it all.

In typical South Park fashion there are plenty of adult oriented jokes from both the series and new.  I was pleasantly surprised by how well this game is and truly can not wait for the eventual release of Fractured But Whole which seems to have a similar presence but this time its dealing with the super hero genre. Many thanks for joining me, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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