Star Trek First Contact


Star Trek First Contact from 1996 is the first next generation only movie, and it is only fitting it involves one of Earths biggest enemies, the Borg. After destroying a Borg Cube the Enterprise follows a Sphere back into the past, the day before first contact is made with the Vulcans. ¬†After destroying the Sphere a group is sent down to help repair the first warp drive ship and is trapped down there while the rest of the crew fights off the Borg that have invaded the the ship. Honestly this is the best looking of the movies so far, and possibly ever outside of the reboots. The sound is phenomenal for its time and the acting has never been better at this point in Star Trek history. This may not be the best of the Trek movies but at least in the next generation time this one was the high point for the series and i’d suggest any fan that hasn’t seen them yet to see this one,and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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