Star Trek Beyond


Here we are at long last, the final Star Trek movie. This trek has a different more somber feel to it. Kirk making some noise about leaving the fleet, Prime Spock dead new Spock talking about leaving to help New Vulcan. Seriously this shits a huge downer. Then the Enterprise goes boom nameless crew dieing everywhere. Its like they set out to make us all sad. All that being said it doesn’t stay that way and there are plenty of jokes to go around.

The crew sets off on a rescue mission that turns out to be a trap where the Enterprise was quickly out matched with them narrowly escaping and being stranded on the planet. With new alien races to meet and kill the crew regroups on an old lost federation ship. I’m not sure there will be a fourth movie tho I hope there is, but if not Star Trek Beyond is a worthy send off for this generations crew. At the beginning I wasn’t happy with them rebooting the series, but now I have to admit this was one hell of a job that I am happy we got to experience. Until next time, may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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