The Girl In The Photographs


Ok this movie is pretty damn weird. It starts out with two women leaving the movies and going their separate ways. After arriving home a girl is kidnapped tortured and has photos taken which are then posted places for others to see. With no bodies or reports of missing people the police are forced to chalk it up to pranks or street artist or some other random non criminal douchbaggery. ┬áThere is also a photographer that returns to his home town to take pictures. I have to admit i really don’t understand the movie. There is a lot of stuff that simply seemingly has nothing to do with anything else. Obviously later on it all starts coming together and things pick up a bit but first you will spend a decent amount of time wondering what the hell is going on. By all means give it a watch, its not a bad movie. The acting and visuals are pretty good. Thanks for coming and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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