Death Note (Netflix) 2nd opinion


So me and Torsten decided we would both review this one. Why? Well he has seen the anime and I have not. So he shall review it pretty much based on that side of things and I shall review it having very very little knowledge of it.

The start of the movie reminds me of most teen movies. Light is a whiny little emo brat to be honest. And L? He reminds me of one of those nerds in highschool that watched too many cartoons and randomly tosses Japanese words out there on occasion because he is to lazy to actually learn the language but wants to sound smart.

With the horrible acting and annoying script out of the way, I can appreciate the attempt to modern/Americanize it, hell its not even uncommon for other countries to change things to make it fit in with their culture. The biggest issue the movie has however is how badly they half assed the attempt. Change the location but leave all the names but toss a weird pronunciation on them? Makes very little sense.

On the bright side of things, the movie does look nice and the story itself is solid even tho I think the actual script needed work. Many of the issues I have heard basically boil down to it wasn’t done how people wanted.

Anyway if you have not seen the anime  despite my complaints the movie is solid and entertaining enough to be worth watching. Hope you all enjoyed and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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