Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows (explained badly)


Look i’m not making any money on this, so I shall do what Hollywood could not and combine this into 1 review. Now I must admit I had a lot of fun doing these reviews, mostly because they were very out of the ordinary. I doubt I do anything else like this unless people start asking for them. So without further delay I give you Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, apparently by George R.R. Martin.

Seriously that last part wasn’t a joke. These movies have a legit body count that would make Game Of Thrones proud. It starts with our favorite abuse survivor being escorted away from his Aunt and Uncles house by a small army of look a likes sort of like Saddam Hussein. A dew minutes later his owl is dead and so is Mad Eye.

A bit later they get some free goods from the will of Dumbledead that seems quite useless like a book of kid stories a golden snitch and a zippo that puts out lights. At some ones wedding there is another attack and I can only assume more people die. What follows is a weird obsession with finding a dudes old stuff just so Harry and friends can break it so they can kill him.

So as the magical camping trip wraps up the crew is captured and saved by dobby the good old house elf. Yea he dies now to.

I’m skipping around a bit but hey I forgot to mention. Half the first movie Ron is listening to the radio where they announce dead people from the war with the man with no nose.

I’m just going to skip ahead to the battle at Hogwarts. Look this battle is epic as hell. Our boy wonder and friends kick Snape out of the school to find the last couple items,oh yea Snape? Really was a good guy. Aaaaannnd he’s dead. Also one of the ginger twins is dead. Tonks? Dead. Her husband? Dead as fuck. Rons fling from a few movies back? Yea she is dead . After a bunch of death we get a happy ending of course.

But before I go here is something that always pissed me off in both the book and the movies. When Bellatrix killed Sirius Black Harry got pissed and used the forbidden torture curse. And I get it screw her. Later on at Gringots both Ron and Harry use the mins control curse. Again I get it, no harm no foul. Now we get to the final fight with Voldy boy. A man that has killed uncounted people and is responsible for even more. He has tortured more and hunted Harry and friends..and yet in the final duel when its all or nothing for the fate of the world the only person using the killing curse is big daddy V? That shit just makes 0 sense to me and never will. Feel free to mind control and innocent goblin, hit a crazy murderer chick with a torture curse…not quite willing to kill the greatest evil in the world. All that aside I hope you guys enjoyed, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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