Kerbal Space Program. Hardest game for PS4?


A lot of times when people discuss the hardest games on PS4 or in general we hear about Dark souls and Bloodborne. Once in awhile I hear about Darkest Dungeon and once even Crash Bandacoot. Now this is . totally opinion based discussion and I don’t think there is a really right or wrong answer.

Enter Kerbal Space Program. This is a game I doubt most PS4 players have heard of let alone played. And it seems like a simple concept. You play in a make believe solar system on the planet Kerbal which is much like earth. There are other planets and moons of course and as you probably guessed by the title the object of the game is to build up the kerbals space program and build rockets and such to explore the solar system shown below.


This all sounds simple enough. And while I may not be the most intelligent person on Earth I do have a fundamental understanding of physics. And this game has kicked my ass since it came out. I have watched videos, some by an legitimate astrophysicist, read articles watched tutorials over and over again. The problem? Well while I have a fundamental understanding of how it all works what I do not have is the practical knowledge to go with it. I once managed to send a probe to one of Kerbals moons ( named mun) and can orbit Kerbal maybe half the time I am horrible at the game, tho I do enjoy the explosions when I fail. I have logged probably 60-70 hours into the game and have gone nowhere. So while I ran through bloodborne in half that time Kerbal continues to be a fun yet rage inducing experience. Is this the hardest game on PlayStation 4? Well for me yes, tho I imagine for most people it should be in the conversation. As always, may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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