Final Fantasy 9 (PS4)


Every so often in gaming something happens that is a nice surprise. The other day I woke up to an e-mail about the sudden release of a classic from my childhood. Final Fantasy 9. The story of Zidane and Garnet on their quest to save the world. Sure there is much more to this amazing game, but most people know the story. They want to know, how does this hold up?

Well this port was given the full treatment. Beautiful HD graphics, trophy support ( as of the Saturday of release someone has already managed the Platinum) and just like the Final Fantasy 7 port its of the PC version and has some fun little cheat codes you can choose to use. If you never played before I would suggest skipping the max level stuff but if you just want the story that alone will make the game a breeze.

If you are a fan of the JRPG genre, the original release or the series you owe it to yourself to purchase this game. It is truly a treasure, and is easily one of the Best games ever made. Thanks for reading and may the gaming gods bring you glory

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