Most Likely To Die (2016)

Honestly this movie is kind of like the B version of Scream at a rich dudes house the night before the high schools 10 year reunion. And I don’t mean that as an insult.

Ashley is the first to arrive hoping to seduce her ex boyfriend the host who also happens to be a bit down in the dumps and being cut by the New York Rangers. Of course she is the first one to die, and of course she dies running in a skimpy outfit down a semi wooded dirt trail. Yea its going to be like that.

Other notable movie cliches include a hot tub scene, a dead body in said hot tub, a high school crush reveal that results in sex, a recovering alcoholic that goes back to drinking, an older guy watching a hot chick get undressed that is creepy as hell you will think is the killer, that guy ending up dead..honestly the list can go on.

That list aside it isn’t done bad. While very cliche the high school revenge plot when done right is always fun and it is done fairly well, and I was fairly sure I knew who the killer was the whole time until it turned out I didn’t. If you like slasher flicks give this one a shot, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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4 thoughts on “Most Likely To Die (2016)”

      1. LOL, yea… I don’t think it’s a “must see.” However it will make you laugh. But it’s not that all bad in a “man it’s so bad” kind of way. The Red Letter Media guys did a Best Of The Worst videos of it and it’s hilarious.

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