Evil Within 2 Review

There is a fun, or maybe odd story about how I played the first Evil Within. It went something like this “hey savior try Evil Within” I said it looked kinda weird he told me to shut up stuffed it in my backpack and sent me home and next thing I know I was hooked.

So when part 2 was revealed we were both pretty excited. And I must say I was not at all disappointed. So without further ado, My Evil Within 2 review.

First lets get the obvious part out of the way. Visually the game looks amazing. No, obviously it is not the best looking game out there and I doubt anyone expected it to be. The game is creepy much of the time tho for what is not there. The insane gore level from the first game has been toned down in much of the early chapters. When it randomly comes back however it comes back hard and it means that much more.

The atmosphere shifts between Union, a town created by Mobius, and what can only be described as the background behind the scenes sort of like the halls for staff at malls and maintenance. This as as sort of a HUB for travel which will make much more sense when you play the game which I promise works well.

The game play reminds me of a small open world horror game, it was very rare I felt confined in my hunt for the core that shall remain nameless in my attempt to avoid spoilers. It is also why I won’t put a name to the sick bastard photographer you are hunting.

There are a number of improvements I enjoyed greatly. For example your office that acts as a central headquarters. Instead of a large area with multiple rooms with a chair for upgrades and another room for lockers and a central area where the nurse stands you have an office with a hallway and couple rooms. The chair,lockers and nurse are in one spot and it really streamlined the whole process.

The gameplay itself has been slowed down a bit. I found myself mostly sneaking through town stabbing creatures in the back of the head. I can’t lie, this was a lot of fun. Now, you can just run around killing stuff but that will also risk getting you killed, but it can be done

All in all, this game to me is a must buy and is absolutely in the running for game of the year as far as I am concerned. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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