Pandemic (2016)

My daughter loves the zombie genre. She picked this movie figuring hey it looks and sounds like a zombie movie, must be a zombie movie. And they do pretty much act like zombies tho they are never actually called zombies that I noticed.

The movie is.. Well the movie isn’t good. I like what they were trying to do but the bouncing between the weird point of view and typical movie view was at best annoying and at times was actually disorienting.

The story if a team attempting to rescue survivors quickly broke down into individuals attempting to achieve their own goals with one guy trying to find his wife from a different team, one woman pretending to be a doctor trying to save her daughter, another woman that was simply bad at her job and another guy that really served no purpose except to die semi heroically.

The sound while nice did set the mood pretty well but the weird camera work was so distracting and annoying it really took away from the overall look and feeling of the movie far to much for me to enjoy it. I would recommend skipping this one for one of the better movies Netflix and Hulu have to offer. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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