Daddy’s Home (2015)

No Savior Gaming hasn’t started reviewing porn..I mean we would of you asked. We respect all art mediums. And we also have not started using one of Barney Stinsons catch phrases. Only he can pull it off, this meme says so.

No, this is the movie with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. With the sequel coming up I figure the first was a good movie to review.

Will has a beautiful wife and 2 great step kids. He has an amazing yet weird job at a smooth jazz station making great money. This buys him a great family vehicle and a large dream home. One small issue. His kids father and wife’s first husband is coming to visit. And that husband is rocking a 5 pack and a motorcycle.

Enter Mark. Look this dude has spent the last like 25 years making most men look ugly as hell. And his character? Dude rides a motorcycle and spent a war smuggling weapons with a helicopter to American allies. At one point Will punches him in the face and he doesn’t move. Yea he is that guy. And he is the most likeable guy in the movie.

The movie itself it great and hilarious. Will and Mark work well together and if you see them in a movie together honestly just watch it. Will plays the perfect suburban dad amazingly from his suit and tie and hair cut and his lectures about how to deal with bullies and Mark? He manages to make Will look like a horrible racist human being while coming off as a nice guy and actually becoming friends with the repairman.

Of course the ending is happy with the 2 becoming friends and a twist to it leading to the sequel that I am looking forward to. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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