Absolutely Anything

Another Simon Pegg film I found on Netflix. This time aliens discover the probe launched from Earth back in the 1970’s and decide to test humanity. That test is to give 1 random human the power to do anything they want for 10 days to see if they use those powers for good or evil.

Well this can’t possibly go wrong can it? Well for starters they never actually told this average school teacher they randomly gave these powers to that he had these powers or that he was being tested. So he may or may not have used an alien spaceship to blow up and subsequently kill a classroom of his students. Don’t worry he has powers. He fixes that. After he may or may not have caused the dead to walk the Earth for a bit.

Ok so maybe things go a bit wrong at times. The powers seem to work like an old fashioned genie. He gets what he wants, but it is exactly what he asks for. For example he wants to be on the bus. And he literally ends up on top of the bus. He quickly says he meant in the bus and ends up in the engine. The movie is quite entertaining but may not be for everyone. Unlike his movies Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead this one really isn’t for everyone. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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