Cities Skylines PlayStation 4

Cities Skyline is a city creator for the PC, Xbox One and and PlayStation 4. While obviously not perfect, no game is, this one is particularly good. Sim games on console are usually pretty hit or miss. Heavy on the miss.

Cities Skylines however manages to have nice controls that function well on a controller. And while mod support is missing on console and the DLC hasn’t released yet (snowfall comes out this month) if like me you love city builders and sim games this one is absolutely a must own.

The sound isn’t bad tho like any game it can be a bit repetitive and at times annoying for some people, personally I didn’t mind it but be aware you might.

Graphically for this genre it looks great but there are on occasion some dips in frame rate. Nothing game breaking but they do exist and can be mildly annoying. Aside from that the game looks and plays amazing and watching your people come and go and drive around is great.

This game is worth buying, but only if you enjoy the type of game. Everyone else should probably pass however. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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