I Love You, Man (2009)

Before he was Antman Paul Rudd was awkward as hell. Like painfully awkward. Awkward to the point he was painful to watch. That is ok tho, he was supposed to be. He plays a guy that is about to be married to the woman of his dreams. The problem is he has no friends. And not the way most people have a couple but feel like they don’t have any.

Lets us play a quick game. Imagine you are going to ask the person you love you to marry you. Now think of the person you tell first. Now imagine the person you love says yes. Who do you tell first? Second? Probably would shoot them a text that day or call them right? Yea this guy does not. His best friend may be his mother…maybe.

Antman is now on a quest. A quest to make the bridal party a bit less lopsided and make some friends. This sounds like a boring concept but if you add a mother that accidentally sets him up on a blind date with a gay man, a legitimately gay brother whos type is straight men and we got a fun movie.

He does get a few friend tho. Free spirited Jason Segel for example. They never really specify what his job is, he has a weird obsession with the band Rush and he gets beat up by the Incredible Hulk but that just adds to his charm. By all means check this one out, its a fun movie that many people missed out on. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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