Civilization V (5)


Civilization has always been the king of “one more turn” and that hasn’t changed here. I have been playing since Civilization 2, and while the game has changed massively since those days one thing has not. Every time I play this game i tell myself there is just one more thing I want to do, and one more turn and I am done. It never works out that way, that always happens for about an hour or so.

The basic idea here is you run a historical country as a historical ruler that has a massively longĀ  life span of thousands of years. You would build cities and armies and interact with other countries. The options on what to do are damn near limitless, do you make peace? Prepare for war? Or do you simply buy everything you want with a booming economy and trade? The choice is all yours and yours alone.

The game play is fun and addictive but for many it is simply not fast paced enough and I can totally understand why. From turn to turn there isn’t much excitement, you will some times wait many many turns before a unit or building is even built. If you are patient and have the right mind set for it, you are looking at hundreds of hours of fun, if not you will be bored out of your mind very quickly. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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