Bad Santa (2003)

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This movie being as old as it is kind of messes with me. I remember when it came out and people took their kids to go and see it in theaters. Not sure why they thought an R rated movie titled “Bad Santa” was going to be appropriate for children but hey they did it and then got pissed when he was an alcoholic that swore worse than a drunk sailor on shore leave. And that is a lot, I have met a few.

The basic story is simple, a life long criminal and his partner that happens to be height appropriate to play an elf every year get a job at a mall. Christmas eve they rob the mall, crack open the safe, steal the cash and live off it until the next Christmas.

This may actually be the funniest holiday movie every created honestly. Billy Bob Thorton and Tony Cox are hilarious and may be one of the most fun and unlikely duo for its time. Once again Bernie Mac played his role to perfection. If somehow you missed this one, now is the time to watch it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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