Ash vs Evil Dead (series)

ash vs evil dead

I came late to the party on this one and just recently caught up on seasons one and two. Rather than doing each season by itself I figured I would just give my thoughts on the series in general.

Only counting the movies this is based around the last one came out in the early 90’s, and for those not old enough to really know the first Evil Dead is pretty much the definition of a movie that was made and became a cult classic that nobody could have seen coming. I can’t imagine they made this thinking ” Ok guys thats a wrap, lets sit back and wait to make a couple million, a few sequels and in about 30 years a television show.” I mean maybe that happened but I seriously doubt it.

Later movies took on a much less serious tone and I think thats because by the time I saw Evil Dead I thought the movie was hilarious not scary. Fast forward to Ash vs Evil Dead. This show is stupid, ridiculous and serves absolutely no purpose. And I can not wait for season 3. If you said hey Savior what would you want in an Evil Dead television show, this would be it. The entire show is based around Ash doing mostly stupid stuff, hitting on women, getting drunk, and killing deadites in gory and ridiculous ways. One of my favorite lines is him driving along yelling about how maybe he shouldn’t be driving and he may not have a fancy license from the DMV but at least he is drunk. Numerous times he will talk about how things can’t get worse and this always means things will get worse. Any fan of the old movies will like this show. Sadly it is also one of the most illegally downloaded shows out there, so please, it is on Netflix, go watch it there. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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3 thoughts on “Ash vs Evil Dead (series)”

  1. “This show is stupid, ridiculous and serves absolutely no purpose. And I can not wait for season 3.”

    Exactly my thoughts.

    My favorite scene was when Ash got pulled up a cadaver’s butt in the morgue battle. It shouldn’t work, but it does – oh, it does.

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