Night of the Living Dead Resurrection (2012)


Every so often someone decides to make a movie call it Night of the Living something in either an attempt to make a quick buck or as some sort of indy film. Now as many of you know, I love indy stuff. For example Preacher Six Preview  is an indy film or Game Preview: Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark is an indy game that looks great.

But every so often there is something like Night of the Living  Dead  Resurrection. I don’t swear much on my blog but seriously, fuck this movie and fuck me for being dumb enough to sit through the whole thing. If someone ever says hey Savior how do you NOT make a horror movie, I no longer have to speak. I would just show them this movie. I won’t go so far as to say this is the worst horror movie I have ever seen, but I will so it is without a doubt in the running.

Before we get to this dumpster fire of a story, let me say the visuals will make it perfectly clear this is a very low budget indy film. And not in that fun way Romero did things, in that some guy that things he is cool making a movie but ran to best buy and bought a camera does things. Thankfully the special effects person knew what they were doing because that at least looked good enough to make me not want to rip my eyes out.

The story. Well first I encourage you not to watch the movie. Read this, and if it sounds like something you want to watch because it sounds good I am sincerely sorry, it was an accident. If it is out of morbid curiosity I encourage you to bring a friend and some booze. The main character for the first about 10 minutes is a black guy driving down the road listening to the radio. That is all he does. He will then call Barbara and tell her he is coming to get her. Ha Ha. Very clever. He will then drop his phone to show his screens background appears to be the poster from the original Night of the Living Dead. So there is our required nods to Romero. a few minutes later he will get to a farm house and be shot in the face.

Then much of the movie is people talking. Mom and dad, a girl and her husband and that girls sister. Who by the way the husband is nailing on the side. Dad will then at one point leave, mom will find out hubby is nailing both daughters after the wife dies in childbirth. Yes by the way there is a like 3 minute scene where he approaches a blanket to discover a zombie baby that you will never ever see. The movie has pretty much nothing in common with the original, even the ending the original did so well this went for a shock value ending. A militia type group shows up, shoots mom in the head because she was bit and the sister that the now dead husband was nailing gets tossed in the “rape trailer” amd the movie ends with her having a terrified/shocked look on her face and it freezes there. So even the ending isn’t original. Seriously, don’t watch this piece of garbage. Ever. Best wises, and may the gaming gods have mercy on the souls of the people that made this movie.

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