Empire In Ruins, Revisited.

Empires In War is an Indy title for PC getting ready for release in the coming months from the company Hammer and Ravens.


Many of you may remember a while back when we first looked at the game Empires in Ruins (Preview) The guys over there have been hard at work getting things together for release and the EGX event in September. Sadly living in the United States I won’t be attending the event to visit them and check things out. They were however kind enough over the weekend to hook me up with a beta to check out.

A few things to note, the beta is on whats known as a workbench map. It is basically just there for test purposes and isn’t in the full game. Another thing is pretty much everything started out unlocked and there was no tutorial. A bit of fooling around tho and I got the hang of it. I just wanted to say up front, I didn’t play anything close to a full version of the game. I can honestly say tho, I am already impressed and looking forward to more.

The game itself looks good. Fantastic in fact. Each character and building carefully created with care.


This is just one example I swiped off their Twitter page. I do recommend you check them out over there, they are pretty good about posting updates about what they are doing.

Another part of this I absolutely loved was the music. I rarely say this about games, the music for me is usually just there for me but I actually found myself looking forward to the next wave simply because I liked the music that sounded to me like a sort of hybrid bagpipe rock music sort of deal.

Now the part why most of you are probably still reading, the actual game play. The beta itself. It only showed the real-time combat portion of the game, and none of the story. You start with a small amount of resources to get you started. You can build what you want to survive the first wave or two, it’s up to you really. I won’t tell anyone what to do here that is on you. You two builders will get these built pretty fast, then you can get to the action. As your towers protect your main building from enemies you will get some gold to help you build new ones. The first wave for me consisted of these guys.

Empires In Ruins 7_21_2018 11_25_39 AM

Now I have to admit, I loved reading the descriptions for these guys simply because they made me laugh. I will include a few of my favorites below. As a general rule each wave gets a little harder than the last, with a few easy waves tossed in to give you time to repair or just introduce you to a new enemy. One way consist of a new flying enemy that was pretty easy for me to kill because he was alone, but later multiple showed up and they pretty much ruined my life for a bit. They designed the came in such a way that if you understand how it works and set things up right you can be prepared for anything, if you just randomly toss things down like I did my first go at it you could really do a number on your future. That isn’t to say the game is unforgiving, it is quite fair. The game will just reward you for knowing what each unit does and how to prepare for it.

A good example of this is late game my main building was practically dead, I think I was on wave 18 or 19. I wasn’t prepared for this unit that can use the water to swim around and avoid the roads and it used that to attack me. Game over for me. I couldn’t be mad, this was in no way unfair or cheap. I made a mistake and paid the price.

I must say I have played my fair share of Alpha and Beta versions of games, many with varying degrees of quality. Some being damn near broken to the point I question why they would even let them be played, others they were perfectly playable and I was happy to give my feed back and look forward to seeing how they turn things around. This one however falls into a class all its own. I have never before played a beta where I really didn’t have much to say. I played it for a few hours and never ran into bugs. I never thought the game was unfair towards the player, and even when I thought that dude with the giant hammer or the guys with the muskets did more damage than I liked, it didn’t do anything to stop my enjoyment. They are just stronger units you need to account for,and once I did I was back to killing things. This game is definitely on my must own list when it comes out. Check it out in the Steam Store. Best wishes and may the gaming god bring you glory.



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