Over the weekend I got to talking to one of the guys making Empire In Ruins ( you can learn more about that here Empire In Ruins, Revisited.) and he hooked me up with another game he made with Screwdriver&Pigeons. You can find them on Twitter here @screwdriver&pigeons or here @eir_td ,where they are making Empire in Ruins. They are great guys that always seem to make time to for fans so go give them a follow.

As for Razerwire, I was not sure what to expect. I kind of thought I was getting an Indy twin stick shooter that I would play for an hour think it was pretty neat then never touch again because I don’t much enjoy them. This is not at all what I got. What I got was an easy to play hard to master addictive game that had me saying one more round for 5 hours the day I started playing it. In fact I said “I just want to get into the top 10” on the global leaderboard then the top 5, well at the time of writing this I am #1 in both score and kills.

Graphically the game has a very nice retro feel to it with the bugs and colors looking great and the ever-changing background never-failing to match what it is going on.

Razerwire 10_27_2018 2_19_54 PM

Free advice by the way, don’t shoot the jack-o-lanterns. The controls are flawless, they work off your mouse and you simply slide it around your wire follows you around the screen killing the enemies, with a catch. If you go to fast it will go thru the enemies without killing them. This isn’t a glitch or anything, the game actually warns of this and tells you it has something to do with particles or something. There are also numerous power ups to help you in your quest to knock me off the top of the leaderboards.

Razerwire 10_27_2018 12_12_30 PM.png

The icons to the left will upgrade your overall abilities such as how fast shields recharge or max health. The icons to the right are all your semi randomly appearing power ups. They do various things from killing everything on the screen to slowing down enemy movements.

The game is fun and oddly addictive and at its price point of $2 ($3 if you want the DLC) there is honestly no reason to not try this game out, so head on over to Steam and give it a shot. Best wishes, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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