Father of The Year (2018)

Father of The Year is a 2018 Happy Madison production Starring David Spade and Nat Faxon. The story is about two college graduates go home and end up having a debate about who’s dad would win in a fight,and the story of what happens when their fathers decide to find the answer.

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Father of The Year is another one of those Happy Madison Production movies that people are going to watch and enjoy, but will get pretty bad reviews. I’m not kidding, when I checked it was at 53% on rotten tomatoes, Roger Ebert gave it a 1.5/4 and Allocine gave it a 3.1/5. I have seen people call it hilarious and others call it garbage. For some reason they always seem to divide people.

The story of the movie was. Two college students graduate and come home for a few weeks before they move to New York. One for work and the other to find himself. The problem is one day they get to talking about which ones dad would win in a fight. Since Ben’s dad, Wayne, is a raging alcoholic and life long color blind screw up and Larry’s dad Mardy is a science nerd that has never been in a fight in his life that gets abused by his 8-year-old son constantly the entire debate is actually quite sad. Mardy of course claims he would win and takes the question as a joke. Wayne however is insulted by the question and later gets black out drunk and goes to Larry’s house to prove he can beat up Mardy.

The resulting spectacle results in a chase thru the house and Ben and Wayne falling off the roof and crashing through the neighbors green house as if they were some sort missile.  This of course results in a prison sentence, which results in Ben losing his job.

There is also a love story involved but I don’t want to the entire movie away. The movie has its moments of being pretty funny and pretty mediocre. The movie offers nothing new and nothing fantastic or special. The best way I have heard it put is the movie isn’t bad, it just isn’t all that memorable. I don’t regret watching it, I just can’t say I would watch it again. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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