The Voices (2014)

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The voices is a 2014 movie Starring Ryan Reynolds, Anna Kendrick and Gemma Arterton. Ryan plays a man who hears voices, not the typical voices you and me hear tho. The type that we know are just us thinking things like grab milk at the store or hey thank god for yoga pants. No he hears his dog and cat talking to him, just like his mom thought she heard actual angels.

Ryan’s character, Jerry ( it should be noted he does the dog, cat, a deer and bunny monkey character) meets and falls for Gemma’s character, Fiona. Fiona is English and admittedly isn’t fond of Jerry and honestly isn’t very good at hiding it Jerry is just sort of slow and naive. One night after she stands him up for a date she didn’t quite want to hurt his feelings by turning him down for, she gets caught in the rain when her car won’t start. Jerry upset and driving around in the rain legitimately by chance drives by where she left her car and she flags him down and he gives her a ride.

Now they are talking and they get to talking about angels in the bibles with names, now before he can finish the 4th angel with a names actual name they hit a deer. With blood everywhere in the car and Fiona freaking out and a deer begging to be killed Jerry dispatches the suffering creature, turns to Fiona and tells her the 4th angel is Lucifer. This freaks her out and she bolts into the woods. Jerry being the naive and carry man he is, is also an idiot and chases her into the woods yelling about how he told her to do it not thinking about how insane this sounds. Yea, this ends badly. She falls, and of course he falls on top of her..with the knife. Whats an insane man to do but end her suffering? Yup that’s right we get to see Ryan Reynolds stab a chick about a dozen times whole saying sorry in the woods.

When Jerry gets home his dog,Bosco, tries to convince him to do the right thing and go to the police. It was an accident after all. His cat however, Mr. Whiskers, disagrees. This is a horrible idea and he will be locked away because he is an insane murderer. The best option is to do something with the body so nobody can find it and carry on like nothing happened. Jerry being Jerry, and because we need a movie, listened to the cat.

This is as far as I will go with the story except to say we end up with talking human heads in a refrigerator. The movie is quite demented and weird, and not at all a horror movie. It is a dark comedy at best and an interesting take on how schizophrenia affects some people. The acting as you would expect from this cast is rock solid, you never get less than 110% from them. The script is great and the concept is an interesting one. The movie however isn’t for everyone, many simply won’t care for the subject or how it is covered. The movie randomly goes from comedy to serious and back again, with Anna Kendrick as Lisa putting on one of the best scenes in the movie in the only scene we really see from a perspective that isn’t from Jerry. You also won’t get your typical Reynolds wit and charm here. He dove WAY out of his usual comfort zone, which I enjoyed and he did great, but I can see why many wouldn’t be happy with it. All in all tho an enjoyable movie, tho the ending musical number was a bit disturbing. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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