Nintendo Killing Rom Sites


Yup, in recent months Nintendo has sued 2 huge rom sites ( more on that here) which I get, from a business sense they need to. They are selling their own emulator machines with the NES and SNES classics and the rumored N64 classic. It wouldn’t make sense to let people give away the games they themselves are attempting to sell. On the flip side, it isn’t easy to find the games we all loved growing up. Most of the time finding them isn’t easy. It has gotten easier in the internet era obviously. Gone are the days of hitting flea markets and such in hopes of finding your favorite game. Granted it is still fun and I love doing it. The hunt is actually half the fun.

Sadly sometimes the game you want is just impossible to find, enter game emulators and roms. Just pop those suckers onto your computer, maybe handheld or one of the aforementioned classics Nintendo released and away you go.

Now however out of fear of legal action from Nintendo some sites are shutting themselves down. Emuparadise is the latest site to stop shelling out retro games, tho this one is self-imposed. PC Mag has the full story. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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