Hunting Grounds (2015)

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Hunting Grounds is the story of a father, Roger Crew (Jason Vail) and his son Michael Crew (Miles Joris-Peyrafitte) that have come down on their luck after a personal tragedy, which not such a big spoiler, mom died. They do have a place to stay thankfully, Will Marx (D’Angelo Midili) has a cabin way up in the woods for them to crash in.

When Will comes to check up on his friends and brings king douche canoe Sergio (David Saucedo) the weekend should be simple. Some drinking, some hunting and things will be on their way. The problem is Sergio is a complete jackass, tho David plays this role amazingly well. Mike is a complete sissy and Sergio is happy to point this out, and that basically never changes. Roger is, well Roger may be the worst dad ever. Will is a nice guy tho.

The story is pretty standard tho, family outing goes wrong, monster starts terrorizing them. The monster itself, which i won’t ruin, also isn’t even all that original but it is rarely done which I liked. The problem is just about everything about the movie is pretty bad. The characters range from extremely whiny and annoying (the father and son) to just over the top nice. (Will) The movie just isn’t good. I’m not sure if it’s the actors or the script or the horrible looking monsters, but the movie is not something I can suggest watching. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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